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Like our sister product Literature Resource Center, we like language, arts, and language arts. We were really excited to be directed to this incredibly amazing palindromic poem. This is not your garden variety palindrome poem, in which the poem can be read front to back and back to front either word by word or line by line. No, this palindrome poem is for real. As in, it’s an actual palindrome.

This got us thinking about palindromes, so we decided to take a look and see what we can offer about the literary form by doing an Advanced Search for the word “palindrome,” in full text. This returned 28 results, including the following:

  • Stuart Woods, who wrote a novel in 1991 called Palindrome
  • George P. Pelecanos, who created a fictional serial killer called the Palindrome Murderer
  • Anne Sexton, the great mid-20th century poet, was fascinated with the palindrome “Rats live on no evil star”
  • Michael Abrams, a freelance writer who writes the blog Palindrome of the Day
  • Willie Foster, the blues harmonica player who released the album I Found Joy on the Palindrome record label in 1995
  • Jon Agee, a children’s writer and illustrator who has written a number of collections of palindromes
  • Louis Sachar, who gave the main character of his young adult novel (and later film) Holes the palindromic name of Stanley Yelnats
  • Gerald Strang, a composer whose oeuvre includes the piece Mirrorrorrim
  • William Darwin “Shorty” Paul, a research and clinical physician, not only invented buffered aspirin and was the University of Iowa’s football and basketball team physician from 1932 to 1971, but also published articles on palindromic rheumatism

Now we have to go — gotta find some more individuals to add to Biography Resource Center related to a man, a plan, a canal: Panama!

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