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Grim Sleeper and other serial killers

With the Grim Sleeper serial killer trending hotly in Google searches, probably thanks to this hat-tip by CNN and the like, we dug around in our archives for our own immortalized serial killers. (Of course, these are only the folks who have been identified by our indexers as having the occupation of “serial killer” — it is possible there are other serial killers hiding out in Biography Resource Center that have yet to be identified by authorities or us. For instance, we identify Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, as a terrorist but not a serial killer.) It turns out we’ve labeled 14 people as serial killers. Here’s the whole list:

David Berkowitz (Son of Sam)
Jack the Ripper
Ted Bundy
Juan Corona
Jeffrey Dahmer
Albert Fish
John Wayne Gacy
Ed Gein
Jack the Ripper
Henry Lee Lucas
Herman Mudgett (H. H. Holmes)
Carl Panzram
Richard Ramirez (the Nightstalker)
Harold Shipman

There are a few notable omissions from this list — we’re glad this caught our attention so that we can give as many serial killers their BioRC due as possible. So we’ll be fixing things so that the next time you do a Biographical Fact Search for occupation “serial killer,” the Boston Strangler will come up, as is appropriate.

Come to think of it, it’s probably good for the rest of us that there aren’t more serial killers listed, since that means…fewer serial killers. Unless they haven’t been caught. Yet.

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