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March Madness comes to BioRC

We’re yawning and stretching our collective behind off this morning after watching not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but SIX overtime periods to cap off last night’s Big East Tournament battle between UConn and the ‘Cuse. It was a real humdinger. Naturally, our first instinct this morning was to see what past Huskies and Orangemen we could find in BioRC.

University of Connecticut:

  • Ray Allen, NBA player
  • Tansu Çiller, Turkish politician
  • Hajim al-Hassani, Iraqi politician
  • Robert D. Kaplan, journalist
  • Wally Lamb, author
  • David M. Lee, Nobel Prize-winning physicist
  • Moby, musician
  • Kathleen Murphy, banking executive
  • Clifford “Uncle Cliffy” Robinson, NBA player
  • Carolyn Runowicz, gynecologic oncologist and former president of American Cancer Society
  • Meg Ryan, actress
  • Kevin Swick, childhood education expert
  • Diana Taurasi, WNBA player

Syracuse University:

  • Marv Albert, sportscaster
  • Carmelo Anthony, NBA player
  • Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States
  • Dick Clark, entertainer
  • Eileen Collins, astronaut
  • Bob Costas, sportscaster
  • Al Davis, owner of NFL’s Oakland Raiders
  • Moses Finley, classical historian
  • Shirley Jackson, author
  • Ted Koppel, journalist
  • Frank Langella, actor
  • Robert Mankoff, cartoonist
  • Donovan McNabb, NFL player
  • Arthur Rock, venture capitalist
  • Steve Rubell, owner of Studio 54 disco
  • William Safire, journalist
  • Donna Shalala, University of Miami president
  • Aaron Sorkin, writer

Let the March Madness begin! We have a few more NCAA basketball-related musings up our sleeve. Sit tight and hang loose.

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