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Guiding Light turned off as part of CBS eco-strategy

We’re not soap opera watchers around here — hello, some of us work during the day (DVR? What’s that?) — but we would be remiss if we did not mark the passing of the long-running show Guiding Light, which has been cancelled after 72 years. That’s old! Older than the attack on Pearl Harbor, older than one small step for man, older than Gale, even (our gender-neutral parent is a spry 55 this year).

The show’s final episode will air September 18. We’ve got some great biographies on current and former Guiding Light participants, many of whom went on to arguably bigger and arguably better things — check ‘em out. Keep in mind that Guiding Light actually began life on the radio, so some of these folks were but mere voices in the great AM/FM ether when it came to their roles on the show. Big ups to old-time radio (you can run but you can’t hide, OTR — we’re coming for you in a future post).

  • Ira Avery — head writer
  • Kevin Bacon — actor
  • Jean Rouverol Butler — writer
  • Joan Collins — actor
  • Stephen Demorest — writer
  • Taye Diggs — actor
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar — actor
  • Allison Janney — actor
  • Harding Lemay — writer
  • James Lipton — actor
  • Lindsay Lohan — actor
  • Mercedes McCambridge — actor
  • Hayden Panettiere — actor
  • IRNA PHILLIPS — show creator!
  • Mary Lou Retton — gymnast
  • Ving Rhames — actor
  • Frank Salisbury — writer
  • Eric Schurenberg — journalist
  • Linda Gray Sexton — writer
  • Brittany Snow — actor
  • Gina Tognoni — actor
  • Kim Zimmer — actor
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