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Life is a caberet, old 1050 CHUM

Living in a border town, we have a special place in our heart for Canadian radio. AM 800 CKLW is actually the radio station we listen to most, and we like AM 580 CKWW because they broadcast When Radio Was. We grew up on pre-Korn alt.grunge on 89X 88.7FM (CIMX). So it was sad to read today about the death of 1050 CHUM in Toronto, the AM flagship of the CHUM/CTV group, which owns all those stations we love across the Detroit River. Also, this poster is totally sweet.

1050 CHUM

An Advanced Search in BioRC reveals that we have biographies on a number of ex-CHUM folks (we kept most results relating to pals, sharkbait, or the evil Chum Bucket restaurant out by throwing in “radio” as a search term in addition to “chum”). The list:

  • Shirley Gibson, 1944-45
  • Murray Kaufman, DJ, late 1960s
  • John Roberts, overnight DJ, 1977-1980s?
  • Ritchie Yorke, broadcaster, 1967-70

One more oddball note: In addition to all of these people, the search also returned the entry on Moses from Encyclopaedia Judaica, available in our add-on module Lives & Perspectives Collection. Go figure.

By far the earliest literary work on the subject was Exagoge (“The Exodus from Egypt”), a drama by the second-century B.C.E. Alexandrian writer *Ezekiel (Ezekielos) the Poet, preserved as a fragment by the Church Father *Eusebius of Caesarea (modern editions by E.H. Gifford, 1903; and by J. Bloch, 1929). The first play known to have been written by a Jew, this was also the first recorded biblical drama. The characters who appear in it include Moses, Zipporah, Jethro, and an invented Chum. The Exagoge, an interesting example of late classical Greek theater, anticipates the miracle and mystery plays of the Middle Ages. In medieval drama, Moses figures in the Ordo Prophetarum, the French Mistère du Viel Testament, and in some of the English cycles: the Ludus Coventriae of Lincoln (Moses andthe Two Tablets), the Towneley plays (Pharaoh), and the York series (The Departure of the Israelites from Egypt). Interest in the theme thereafter waned for a time.

The entry later goes on to mention a radio broadcast of Arnold Schoenberg’s opera, Moses und Aaron, which is the medium in which it was first performed.

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