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William Howard Taft, 27th POTUS and last to wear a mustache in public

It’s playoff time in the NHL, which means that burly ice skaters across North America are growing what is commonly known as The Playoff Beard. Beards can be found in a few different forms in the wild: long and bushy, razor thin, regular.  More varieties emerge during Playoff Beard season, as many hockey players are either baby-faced Scandinavians or named Sidney Crosby, and thus are not given to hirsute exclamations. But it is the plain, beardless mustache that we find more intriguing here at Biography Resource Center, with its seemingly endless possibilities for creativity and inspiration of awe.

Our favorite resource for checking out mustaches of bygone eras is Mustaches of the Nineteenth Century, an excellent catalog of facial hair from the 1800s. What’s more, several of the individuals highlighted by this important work of non-fiction (many pictured mustaches, unfortunately, are anonymous) can be found in BioRC, where one can read about the life that mustache built, influenced or ended. Coming at the subject from our home court, there are hundreds of biographies exposed through a full-text Advanced Search that contain the term “mustache” — and a single, solitary Name Search result: Barboncito, aka The One with the Mustache or The Man with the Mustache, a Native American chief who led the Navajo resistance  of the mid-1860s.

Not to be outdone, the Library of Congress has started tagging relevant photos from its archive that it has added to Flickr with “greatmustachesoftheloc.”

Your tax dollars at work, friends. Perhaps President Obama will oblige and grow a soup strainer of his very own?

Source: “Barboncito.” Encyclopedia of World Biography Supplement, Vol. 20. Gale Group, 2000.

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