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Time to call 1-877-LADYTIX

We thought the Eiffel madness was over the other day, but we’re back on the stump now that it has been announced that the Statue of Liberty’s crown will reopen to the public on July 4. Since September 11, 2001, the 168-step trek to the top of Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi’s Lady Liberty has been off limits. An entire generation of tourists has been denied access to this striking view. (And generation upon generation have missed the view from her torch; that was closed to the public in 1916, and is accessible only by ladder.) Does this mean that other tourist attractions in New York City will now suffer? How long will the wait be to get into the crown, given that only ten people at a time will be allowed in?

Many questions remain. Likewise, many answers about the Statue can be found (great read!). But in the end, we are not concerned with them, since the Statue is not one of the 36 non-human individuals lucky enough to be included in Biography Resource Center.  We’ll give her some thought in the future, but in the meantime, you might want to take a gander at the following objets d’bio:

Job (Biblical figure)
Sir Barton (racehorse)
Man O’War (racehorse)
Apollo (space program)
Barney (dinosaur character)
Secretariat (racehorse)
Millie Bush (pet, first dog)
Robin Hood (legendary figure)
Explorer (Artificial Satellite)
Manhattan (Ship)
Voyager 2 (Space Probe)
Mariner 10 (Space Probe)
Max Headroom (computer-generated television personality)
Challenger (British exploration ship)
Explorer 1 (Satellite)
Luna 2 (Spacecraft)
Luna Orbiter (Spacecraft)
Sputnik (Satellite)

Viking Orbiter (Spacecraft)
Voyager 1 (Space Probe)
U.S.S. Nautilus (nuclear-powered submarine)
Viking 1 Lander (Spacecraft)
Viking 2 Lander (Spacecraft)
Noah (Biblical figure)
King Arthur (legendary figure)
Susanna (religious figure)
Meteor (Ship)
Romulus (legendary figure)
Rachel (Biblical figure)
Shadrach (Biblical figure)
Delilah (Biblical figure)
Samson (Biblical figure)
Jonah (Biblical figure)
Androcles (Roman slave)
Signor Gualdi (Rosicrucian nobility)
Anna Sprengel (Rosicrucian expert)

Granted, individuals such as King Arthur, Noah, and Max Headroom are arguably human. So perhaps instead of non-humans, we’ll call this a list of non-humans-and-humans-we-cannot-prove-to-have-lived-and/or-died.

That’s a mouthful. We’re sticking with non-humans. Sorry, Secretariat. Although our biography of Millie Bush does give us some ideas about Bo Obama, the current First Dog

UPDATE: Good coverage over at the Old Gray Lady.

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