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The tragedy of Air France Flight 447

Air France poster, Jean Carlu

Air France poster, Jean Carlu

Searchers are still combing the Atlantic Ocean for evidence, and especially the black boxes, from Air France Flight 447, which disappeared from radar and has been determined to have crashed on a routine flight from Brazil to France. This is a tragic story, and we know that folks may be interested in the lives of those aboard the doomed plane as well as individuals related to Air France and Airbus, the A330-200 model’s maker. We put together a brief list of what’s available on this topic in Biography Resource Center.

  • Noel Foregeard, Airbus Industrie managing director, president and CEO, 1998-2006
  • Louis Gallois, head of Airbus, 2006-present
  • Philippe Camus, co-CEO of European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company, 2000-2005, which engineered the Airbus A380
  • Erik Herlow, Danish designer that created Airbus 300 interiors for Scandinavian Airlines System in the late 1970s
  • Jean-Cyril Spinetta, Chairman of the board of Air France
  • Andrée Putman, interior designer for Air France headquarters
  • Marc Bohan, designer for Air France stewardess uniforms in 1962
  • Jean Carlu, designed a series of posters for Air France, 1957-59
  • Silvio Barbato, AF 447 victim, former conductor of the orchestra Sinfonica do Theatro Nacional Claudio Santoro in Brazil (Marquis Who’s Who)
  • Michael Harris, AF 447 victim, American geologist (Marquis Who’s Who)

Some of these were Name searches (in the case of the flight passengers), while the others were done using several  Advanced searches on full text for the terms “airbus” and “air france.”

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