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Ochocinco is GO! Repeat: OCHOCINCO IS GO!

Chad Ochocinco, Cincinnati Bengals WR

Chad Ochocinco, Cincinnati Bengals WR

We are pleased to report that our wonderful biography on the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver formerly known as Chad Johnson, affectionately known as Ocho Cinco, and legally known as Chad Javon Ochocinco has been updated to reflect Senor Ochocinco’s name change. In fact, we owe you all a huge apology for not righting this wrong until just now, when the change has been in effect for months. So please accept our humble head-hanging — every once in a while, something such as this just flies under our radar. The important thing is that we can correct such errors as they are discovered, and with as much haste as Ochocinco sprinting down the field to reel in a long Carson Palmer pass.

For those desiring a more personal look into Ochocinco’s life (and perhaps an explanation as to why he went with Ochocinco and not Ochentaycinco, given that his jersey number is not 8 5 but 85), you can follow him on twitter @OGOchoCinco.

If you ever spot an error in Biography Resource Center, or even think you do, please do not hesitate to let us know about it. We are vigilant, but we appreciate you as our vigilantes to help us achieve the biographical perfection for which we strive day in and day out.

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