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New and awesomely cool FREE marketing materials available for Biography Resource Center

awesomely cool poster -- and its free!

new FREE poster

Our crackerjack marketing team has been working tirelessly — we’re talking sleepless nights, ungodly amounts of Jolt cola, and way too many trips to I Can Has Cheezburger? — to create a new set of collateral for libraries to help advertise Biography Resource Center to patrons. As hardcore social networkers ourselves, we’re veritably giddy with the theme they came up with: MyFace. Drive home the point to your patrons that Biography Resource Center is a destination for not just historical biography but all biography, and drive up your usage in the process. Heck, just let them know that they have access to begin with.

Our goals really are the same: the more people using (and resolving information needs with) Biography Resource Center, the better it is for the library and the better it is for Gale. A database that nobody knows about is a database that exists in a vacuum, and we all know that vacuums, well, suck. Let’s work together to make magic happen, bring power to the user and value to the library.

Materials now available include a full-size poster (16″ x 20″), bookmarks and a tent card. Order here, order now, order often.

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