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Yo quiero Taco Bell, yo [corazon] BioRC

Gidget the chihuahua,  better known as the Taco Bell chihuahua (to be honest, we always assumed the dog was named Vladimir — as in Guerrero, not Nabokov — and was male, just like the randy little chichi who lives around the block from us), has died. Gidget lived to a ripe old age of 15, which is more than we can say for the famous ad campaign in which she starred. While we do not have a biography for Gidget, Lassie or even the sock puppet (we do have biographies for Sandra Dee, Guerrero and Robert Smigel), there are 41 biographies that reference Taco Bell in Biography Resource Center. One of these is on Carlos Alazraqui, whose voice brought Gidget to life on the boob tube. But our favorite is a Contemporary Authors biography on Dana Carvey.

Carvey returned to television sketch comedy in 1996 as producer, writer, and star of the short-lived Dana Carvey Show. The show’s conceit was that it would have a different sponsor each week and that the show would both be named after and poke fun at the sponsor. For instance, the first broadcast was called The Taco Bell Dana Carvey Show. That show featured a production number with a chorus line of dancers in Taco Bell uniforms. A dancing taco and mission bell presented Carvey with a huge check as they sang, “We’re paying him a fortune to use our name, `cause he’s a shameless whore.” Joyce Millman, reporting on the show for the Internet on-line magazine Salon, wrote, “The tone of all this was surprisingly, satisfyingly, nasty. It was Taco Bell, not the elfin, always likable Carvey–the Teflon comic–who came off looking greedy and, er, whorish.” Leslie Sovan of Time called the sketch “an odd TV moment when parody and plug become one.” Taco Bell was not amused, though, and the Pepsico subsidiary pulled its sponsorship after the first episode.

In other news, Kimo Leopoldo is still not dead.

Source: Contemporary Authors Online, Gale, 2003.

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