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Number nine, number nine, number nine

Milli Vanilli: Rock Band?

Milli Vanilli: Rock Band?

There are actual slices of religion built around numerology — check out the Kabbalah sometime, but don’t wait for Madonna to call — and then there’s what some consider a full-blown religion: The Beatles. 09/09/09, today’s date, is a special one in Beatledom. It all stems from “Revolution 9,” a track on The White Album. Many have taken up its cause, including a member of the Manson family. As for the 9-9-9 date itself, turn it upside down and you get, well, you know.

More importantly around here, 09-09-09 means it’s time for not just digitally remastered versions of every single Beatles studio album (good job, Beatles marketers!) but The Beatles: Rock Band at long last. We’ll be back in a few months after we’ve mastered (and remastered) every single solitary super track available, at which point we will begin the long, challenging wait for Milli Vanilli: Rock Band.

We have a total of 20 narrative biographies for John, Paul, Ringo, George and the group at large. (And three for Milli Vanilli.)

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