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In order to form a more perfect union

United States Constitution

United States Constitution

222 — a nice number if there ever was one — years ago, the United States Constitution was signed and the foundations of the country sealed. In 2004, Constitution Day (also known as Citizenship Day) was created. There are plenty of Constitution-related events taking place across America today in schools, and at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

Of the 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention, 54 have biographies in Biography Resource Center, with an average of 3.42 biographies per delegate. We are working to add a biography for William Houstoun. (We have biographies for all 39 of the signers of the constitution.)


Oliver Ellsworth (4)
William Samuel Johnson (2)
Roger Sherman (4)


Richard Bassett (2)
Gunning Bedford Jr. (3)
Jacob Broom (1)
John Dickinson (5)
George Read (4)


Abraham Baldwin (2)
William Few (2)
William Houstoun
William Leigh Pierce (1)


Daniel Carroll (3)
Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer (2)
Luther Martin (4)
James McHenry (1)
John Francis Mercer (1)


Elbridge Gerry (4)
Nathaniel Gorham (3)
Rufus King (3)
Caleb Strong (1)


John Blair (2)
James Madison (9)
George Mason (5)
James McClurg (1)
Edmund Randolph (5)
George Washington (12)
George Wythe (5)

New Hampshire

Nicholas Gilman (2)
John Langdon (3)

New Jersey

David Brearly (2)
Jonathan Dayton (3)
William Churchill Houston (1)
William Livingston (3)
William Paterson (2)

New York

Alexander Hamilton (9)
John Lansing Jr. (2)
Robert Yates (2)

North Carolina

William Blount (2)
William Richardson Davie (2)
Alexander Martin (1)
Richard Dobbs Spaight (2)
Hugh Williamson (2)

South Carolina

Pierce Butler (2)
Charles Pinckney (5)
Charles Cotesworth Pinckney (3)
John Rutledge (5)


George Clymer (3)
Thomas Fitzsimons (2)
Benjamin Franklin (19)
Jared Ingersoll (2)
Thomas Mifflin (3)
Gouverneur Morris (4)
Robert Morris (6)
James Wilson (5)

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