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New content added to Biography Resource Center: 10/7/2009

We are pleased to announce the release of the following content to Biography Resource Center:

New biographies added from the latest volume of Contemporary Black Biography include TV on the Radio frontman Tunde Adebimpe; actress and theatre producer Cynthia Belgrave; Illinois senator Roland Burris; dancer and actress Marpessa Dawn; civil rights leader Lester Granger; rap legend MC Breed; basketball player Tony Parker; Colin Powell; guitar player Slash; and South African president Jacob Zuma.

New biographies added from the latest volume of Contemporary Theatre, Film & Television include Gabrielle Anwar; Kathy Baker; Albert Brooks; Crystal Chappell; Patrick Dempsey; Mel Gibson; Jared Hess; Ellen Kuras; Leonard Maltin; David Morse; Mary Kay Place; Markus Redmond; Tony Shalhoub; Frances Sternhagen; and Mario Van Peebles.

New biographies added from the latest volume of Contemporary Authors include Elinor Accampo; A.C.E. Bauer; Young-Lob Chung; Wolfgang Gabbert; Shannon Gilreath; German Martinez; Louise Plummer; Christopher Read; Yuval Shahar; Hernando de Soto; Ruth Tsoffar; Steven Wingate; and Karin Wurst.

Included in this content load of original Biography Resource Center entries are new full-length biographies of individuals such as Phil Anschutz, otherwise known as the patron saint of Major League Soccer as well as the “A” in AEG; FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair; Deadline Hollywood blogger Nikki Finke; Pakistani military leader Ashfaq Kayani; Washington, DC, police chief Cathy Lanier; former pro wrestler and current candidate for mayor of Memphis Jerry Lawler; computer game designer Sid Meier; Amedeo Obici, who founded Planters Nuts; Pat Quinn, Illinois governor; and Paul Wenner, who invented the veggie patty, thus bringing cheeseburgers back into the lives of millions of non-meat-eaters.

You can find them in Biography Resource Center as of today. Enjoy!,,):FQE=(ke,None,15)michael%20jackson$&source=gale&password=blog
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