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Cool Runnings

Cool Runnings

We’re getting ready here at Biography Resource Center HQ for a marketing/programming push related to the soon-to-be-here (32 days and counting!) 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Oddly — or perhaps not so oddly — the Winter Games always bring to mind two of our favorite sports movies: Cool Runnings and The Cutting Edge.

We have lots of ice skaters available for your searching pleasure, but more interesting might be the bobsledders. Or is it bobsleighers?  Or even bobsledgers? We found the following results using Advanced Search on these terms.

  • bobsled — 36 narrative biographies
  • bobsleigh — 4 narrative biographies
  • bobsledge — 0 biographies

Individuals who came back from these searches include mostly athletes as well as a smattering of folks working in other careers. These include: Garret Hines and Randy Jones (United States); Vonetta Flowers (United States); Jim Shea, Jr. (United States); Alexandra Power Allred (United States); Pierre Lueders (Canada); Duff Gibson, who later switched to skeleton (Canada); Velvet Crush, who recorded an album for the label Bobsled Records (United States); Willie Gault (United States); Christopher Ondaatje (Canada); Lydia Skoblikova (Russia); Gerard Fairlie (Britain); Steve McKee, who wrote a book about sporting events including bobsledding (United States); Thomas McNab, who coached both Olympic track and field and bobsled teams (Britain); Dawn Steel, movie producer for Cool Runnings (United States); Kornelia Ender, whose husband was dropped from the East German bobsled team in the late 1980s (German); Laird Hamilton (United States); Cecil E. Heacox, who wrote the screenplay for Olympic Bobsled Run in 1960 (United States); John Candy, who starred in Cool Runnings (United States); Edwin Moses (United States); Herschel Walker (United States); Caroline Preston, an author who used bobsledding as a plot point once upon a time (United States); Lynn Swann, who provided commentary for the bobsled competition during the Calgary Games (United States); Willie Davenport (United States); Malik Yoba, who got his acting start in Cool Runnings with Candy (United States); Priscilla Lopez, who tried to imagine herself bobsledding in a Method acting class (United States); Claudette Colbert, who rode a bobsled in I Met Him in Paris (United States); Prince Albert of Monaco, who participated in five Winter Olympiads on the Monaco bobsled team (Monaco); and Jacques-Henri Lartigue, who photographed a toy invented as a child with his brothers that involved a bobsled on bicycle wheels (France).

During this search we learned that, in a strange prophetic twist, former Pittsburgh Steelers star Swann was born in a town named Alcoa — in Tennessee, though, not Pennsylvania.  Biographies! Learn something new and potentially useful, if not downright intriguing, every day.

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