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Rhymes with stubble trap

It was to our great horror that we awoke this morning and discovered that never before, until this august date of January 25, had we been aware of Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. For this, and for the fact that we do not yet have biographies on the inventors of Bubble Wrap (turns out it should be capitalized as it is an actual brand that has been nounified, much like Kleenex and Xerox) — Michael Chavannes and Alfred Fielding — we are truly sorry. Then again, no time like the present than to begin righting packaging wrongs…right?

We do have a number of tangentially-related biographies.

  • Two biographies for individuals named Chavannes
  • 79 biographies for folks with the surname Fielding
  • Five biographies that include the phrase “bubble wrap”

We suggest you celebrate this special day as we are, which means squishing Bubble Wrap bubbles with gusto that results in our own satisfaction and our coworkers’ extreme irritation. When it comes down to it, unpopped Bubble Wrap bubbles are like that shy sneeze that just refuses to be unleashed from our nasal cavities.

POP! POP! POP! Ahhhhh. Much better, and no Kleenex necessary.

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