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Weir science

We’re (Weir?) pretty sure that Johnny Weir crushed Evan Lysacek in last night’s men’s figure skating short program costume competition, although Lysacek certainly gave Dr. John a run for his fashion money (he made up for it, of course, by crushing his USA teammate by 8.2 points). At any rate, we’re making a concerted effort to acquire a photo of Weir’s pink-corseted ensemble to add to Biography Resource Center. No promises given the intricacies of image permissioning — sorry, there’s no such thing as a free lunch and few such things as a photo without licensing fees, although we do our best to fill our database with as many beautiful images as possible — but at least here in the blogosphere we can exercise the magical power of linking.  So without further ado:

Johnny Weir


We wish we could find a picture that truly does this justice — like an image that shows the lacing up his back — but beggars can’t be choosers. And now we must take our leave in order to start work on the second edition of Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion (available in our Lives & Perspectives Collection, in case you didn’t know!)…

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