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New content added to Biography Resource Center: African American History Month special edition 2/22/2010

African American Firsts in Science and Technology

African American Firsts in Science and Technology

Remember that announcement we hinted at back at the beginning of the month? Without further ado…

It is with great pride and pleasure that we announce the release of African American Firsts in Science and Technology to the Biography Resource Center content library. This reference work has been a long time coming as an addition to the database, and we are especially pleased to be able to release it during Black History Month. Biographies from this work can be found in the Brief Biographies tab; alternatively, all 1,171 biographies joining Biography Resource Center from this title can be viewed as a whole by doing an Advanced Search on Source “African American Firsts in Science and Technology. 

Biographies from African American Firsts in Science and Technology range from pieces on Tralance Addy, the first person to receive both a B.A. and a B.S. simultaneously from Swarthmore College, to Lois Cooper, the first African American woman to earn a license in civil engineering in California, to Peyton Randolph Higginbotham, the first African American appointed to the West Virginia State Board of Health, to A.C. Howard, who won first prize at the Paris Exposition in 1900 for his shoe polish products, to Rosalie A. Reed, the first woman veterinarian at the Los Angeles Zoo (or any other major American zoo), to Arthur Lee Thompson, the first African American medical officer in the United States Navy, to William J. White, first African American general foreman and superintendent of the Sharon Steel Corporation.

And to tie this back to our other major content effort this month — the 21st Winter Olympiad — there is even a biography on Linzy Scott, Jr., who patented the Scott Spiral Knee Brace and was an Olympic team physician in 1981.

We hope that you find the biographies in African American Firsts in Science and Technology useful and informative, and that it makes your 2010 African American History Month that much more wonderful and educational.

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