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O, Canada

There’s been a decent amount of “O Canada” going around at the Olympics, with Canada scoring eight gold medals (so far).  That includes yesterday’s gold medal performance by the Canadian women’s hockey team, which defeated Team USA 2-0. We have an engrossing biography available for Adolphe Basile Routhier, who wrote the lyrics for the anthem, which includes the following nuggets:

“O Canada,” the Canadian national anthem, was sung for the first time in 1880, with lyrics by a prominent judge of that era, Adolphe Basile Routhier. The son of a farmer and his wife, Routhier grew up in Quebec under religious influence and harboring the twin passions of law and literature. Defying his mother’s wish that he enter the priesthood, Routhier finished his classical studies and earned his law degree, then went into practice in Lower Canada.

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  1. I would like to say well done to Canada in winning both Gold Olympic medals in the woman’s and men’s ice hockey. It was great to see this.

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