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April Spotlights are a wee bit eerie…

Robert E. Peary

Robert E. Peary

…Because they all rhyme with orangeery!

We thought that it would be quite cheery
To have all Spotlights that end with surnames rhyming with -eery
Or -eary or -irie or even with -eeree
And so here it is: our great group search query

First up is Rear Admiral Robert E. Peary
When he got to the North Pole his eyes surely were bleary
From April weather so cold and perhaps also dreary
His accomplishment would not make anyone sneery

Next is April birthday girl Beverly Cleary
Her Ramona Quimby would never be caught with breath beery
She no doubt drove Beezus to feel often weary
We love Cleary’s books truly and sincerely

We’ll round out the month with sage Timothy Leary
“Turn on, tune in, drop out” was his theory
His LSD research made some a tad leery
In April 1997 his ashes were shot into orbit around our Earth — which is ever so spherey

We hope you enjoy our April Spotlights in the Resource Center for Biographeery!

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