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Happy Fourth of July!

It’s the Fourth of July, and to celebrate we’d like to call your attention to biographies on John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe — all of whom passed away on Independence Day.  We have 10 narrative biographies (plus six more from our Lives & Perspectives add-on content module) for Jefferson, five (plus six from Lives & Perspectives) for Adams, and five (plus five from Lives & Perspectives) for Monroe.

But that’s not all!  July as a whole is a very dangerous month for Presidents. Zachary Taylor (July 9; three biographies), Ulysses S. Grant (July 23; three biographies), Martin Van Buren (July 24; three biographies), and Andrew Johnson (July 31; two biographies).

On a happier note, Calvin Coolidge was born on the Fourth of July.  We have three biographies (plus three more from Lives & Perspectives) available.

Be safe, Barry O’Bams. Be safe.

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