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About this blog

Getting to GREENR is a blog for and about students who are investing their personal and professional aspirations in the bright, green future ahead.

There are many excellent blogs and Web sites dedicated to tips on greening your house ; lowering your carbon footprint; or financing green projects. This blog attempts to magnify the stories and successes of students who have chosen to engage in the opportunities sustainability studies offers and tell stories about the students and researchers who are working passionately to make a difference in the world by choosing a career in a green occupation.

We’ll have first-hand accounts of what it’s like to be an environmental studies student as well as reports on new green job certification programs all over North America, in addition to success stories from graduates who are thriving in the green-collar economy.

This blog is supported by GREENR, an interdisciplinary Web portal for environmental and sustainability studies, available in participating libraries in North American and elsewhere. A web portal from Cengage Learning-Gale, GREENR is a valuable asset for any student, researcher or teacher focused on the field of environmental and sustainability studies, offering impressive assets in academic journals, news, video, statistics, primary source documents and case studies. Check your library to see if GREENR is available, or ask your librarian to request a free trial.

Views expressed on Getting to GREENR do not necessarily represent the views of Cengage Learning.