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Lesson Plan Links

Links to Lesson Plans and Curriculum Assistance for Grades K-12


Social studies lesson plans for and about Australia.


Lesson plans from the BBC tied to curricula in the United Kingdom.


Columbia Education Center
Columbia Education Center’s lesson plans.


Independent Lens’s Lesson Plans
Lesson plans based on the PBS series Independent Lens (with associated videos).


Lesson Plan Page
A collection of lesson plans, sponsored by HotChalk.


Lesson Plan Meta Site
Meta site pointing to numerous sites for lesson plans.


Lesson Planet
Lesson Planet: Lots and lots of lesson plans.


Lesson Plans from PBS
Lesson plans on topics from around the world from PBS, including the prospects for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, Avian Flu, and the tensions between North and South Korea.


National Geographic
Lesson plans and teachers guide from National Geographic.


The New York Times
The Learning Network from The New York Times, for grades 3-12.

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