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National Forensics League Debate Preparation Lesson Plans

Students will explore sources focusing on the topic of oppressive governments for the Lincoln-Douglas Debate, examine relationships between the United States and Latin American countries and watch sample debates.

View the video Obama Pledges Closer Ties with Mexico

Discussion Guide


Lesson Plan 1- Preparing for the Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Objective:  Students will use provided sources to familiarize themselves with the oppressive governments of the world


Lesson Plan 2- The U.S. and Latin America

Objective:  Students will examine the relationship the United States has with Mexico, Venezuela and Cuba

Handout Lesson Plan 2- Relationships with the United States


Lesson Plan 3-Critiquing a Debate

Objective:  Students will watch a video of a sample debate and discuss its strengths and weaknesses


21st Century Core Content

Government and Civics

21st Century Themes
Global Awareness
Financial, Economic, Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy

21st Century Skills
Reason Effectively
Make Judgments and Decisions
Solve Problems
Communicate Clearly
Access and Evaluate Information
Use and Manage Information
Adapt to change
Be Flexible
Work Independently
Be Self-directed Learners
Interact Effectively with Others
Produce Results

Additional Resources:
Cuba by
Venezuela by
National Forensics League
Council on Foreign Relations; U.S.- Latin America Relations
Action for Our Planet; Oppressive Governments

Additional Resources from Global Issues in Context:
Mexico’s Drug Wars
Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez’s Influence on the Americas
NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)
United States-Mexico Border Issues
International Perspectives on U.S. Influence and Policy

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